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Feng Shui, The Decoration That Your Kitchen Needs


The ideal, according to feng shui 2018, is that the kitchen is always located towards the north inside the house . The northern location makes the environment cooler, but since heat is generated in the kitchen at all times, it does not need to be placed in a southerly direction where there is more warmth.


Locating the kitchen in the northern part, we balance the energies of the house , heating the coldest parts of it. Although it is not always possible to allocate this space in this particular cardinal point, if you are thinking about changing the layout of your house, or if you are going to build a new home from scratch, consider choosing the northern location for your kitchen.



The feng shui 2018 decoration gives great importance to the use of colors in certain rooms of the home. Colder colors such as white, blue or grayish tones help reduce appetite, while warm colors such as reds, oranges or yellows whet the appetite .

You can play with this combination of colors both in the elements of your kitchen, as in the own crockery. The most advisable thing is always to choose fresh and clear colors that bring purity and cleanliness to the kitchen. Pastel shades, from raw colors to yellow or orange, make the space wider.



Light attracts positive energy, so a kitchen should always be illuminated. The use of light colors that reflect the light , large windows to take advantage of natural light, and also the placement of strategic lights so that no corner is left in the dark, are the best weapons to achieve this effect.

On the contrary, if too much light enters the kitchen, it can also be uncomfortable for the eyes; something that can be easily solved with the use of curtains .



Although it is a very logical advice, feng shui indicates that the kitchen door is not facing the door of any other room , to avoid the passage of smoke and odors from one place to another.

If you do not have the possibility of moving the doors, you can always keep the doors closed to prevent undesirable energies from flowing.



The feng shui also takes into account the location of the stoves, ovens, and any element of the kitchen that produces heat. If they are placed on a wall that leads directly to a room, it is not recommended to place the bed or a resting place just at that point, as it could cause insomnia , or not get to rest properly.

When there is a very powerful source of energy close to a person, this influence could affect your overall health, unbalancing it.


Refrigerator and sink

The location of these two important elements in the kitchen must also be studied. It is advisable not to place the area of ​​fire along with the sink , to achieve more harmony in the kitchen. The water next to an electrical network of a glass-ceramic, or next to the fires, could be dangerous.

Instead, based on the discipline of feng shui, Gilmar’s Reforms and Interiorism team does recommend placing the refrigerator in a more accessible place from the sink , to have a greater comfort when it comes to washing food immediately after removing them.

The refrigerator and other cold appliances should be located away from the oven and the hob or hob, so that the cold and hot energies find a harmony in the kitchen space.

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Feng Shui in The Office? Can Also!

Balance is the key word for those seeking to furnish their work environment.

Whether it’s a station, a living room or even the home office, the harmony between the furniture is a key part for a good professional income. However, there is another interesting factor, also linked to harmony, that influences this dynamic: office fengshui.

At first glance it may seem unusual, but the millennial technique allows you to leave your office routine much more quiet and efficient, as well as helping to attract new business, increase productivity and bring more harmony among employees.

Office Fengshui helps in cleaning the environment and renewing the energies of the place. This is because, through art and science, it manipulates the forces that are necessary to conserve the positive influences that are present in a space and to redirect the negatives in order to benefit its users.

Simple actions can make a difference and most of them have to do with the type of furniture you choose.

We have separated some very easy and applicable office fengshui tips.

When it comes to a desk, ideally it is either wood or neutral colors. This is because the colored tables and / or glass top quickly tire the eyes and lead to inattention.

When it comes to the arrangement of objects on the table, it is important to understand what should be positioned on the left and right sides.

The left side is responsible for the energy filter. Hence, it is suggested that work-related books and papers should preferably be organized in specific boxes on this side.

On that side you can also put photos of loved ones and hold some crystal object, such as a paper weight, for example.

Already in the right part one must prioritize technological elements, like telephones, cellular. Here you can also place pencil holders, staplers and calendar.

The computer, or the main work object, should always be in the center of the table.

The chair must be proportional to the height and size of the table, to give balance, comfort and ergonomics. A very large chair at a small table or vice versa unbalance the environment.

The feet need to be firm to give stability, ideally they have arms, providing support and comfort.

Lighting must also be taken into account in this composition, light is responsible for attracting achievements at work.

Therefore, it is suggested that it be positioned behind the computer. Be careful not to be too light or too dark, ideally light.

These are just a few references that can start you in office fengshui techniques in the office. However, for the sake of success, we suggest hiring a qualified professional.

This can be a consultant or interior designer who will understand and represent the professional desire, individual or company in the environments to be prepared.

After a more complete analysis of the environment to be adjusted or assembled, a qualified professional can provide you with answers ranging from the correct furniture for each sector of the company and / or employee, the best positioning of each human body and material in the location, the colors of the walls, orientations of doors and windows, besides positioning of elements that to the naked eye do not appear harmful.

So? Ready to bring more harmony to your work?

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Feng Shui in Decoration and the Secrets to Thrive in Life

Feng Shui in Decoration and the Path to Prosperity in Life. Ever imagined having dream life with the help of your home decor?

What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui Master are started the feng shui and it is a 4,000 year old Chinese art that attracts positive energy to your life.

It clears the ways of positivity, bringing luck , success , joy and all that the good vibrations can make available to you and your family.

This Chinese “science” determines the design that best applies to each space, balancing all energies and increasing the harmony of the energy flow of the environments.

Thus it is possible to have inner peace, greater productivity, great opportunities in life and especially prosperity.

The Objectives of taught by feng shui master

Preserve and save the positive influences that exist in one place, making it stay there and radiate good energies to the rest of the environments.

Reduce or annihilate all kinds of negative energy that may exist in environments.

Make architectural changes to heal the environment and all residents by stimulating the site’s beneficial features through the shapes, colors, and positioning of objects and furniture.

The visible and the invisible

We know there are more things than our eyes can see, and even a skeptical person has knowledge of the energetic waves that surround us.

The visible and the invisible work together in feng shui master.

Visible Aspects

The visible aspects are part of the group of things that we can see, touch, and thus, everything that we can interact in a physical and material way.

Invisible Aspects

Have you ever entered an environment and felt a bad feeling?

Well this “inexplicable” feeling is an invisible aspect. Which is harder to identify in an environment, but has a greater importance than the visible aspects.

Fixing Problems

Feng Shui master shows that correct only the visible errors decor does not bring lasting results.

What is necessary is to make a mutual correction, both of the energies, and of the objects. And there is the great salvation of the environment.

Through this millennial art, we find the invisible errors of the place; the good news is that we have to identify them.

With the help of all that is visible, we make the good energies remain and spread throughout your home!

Does Feng Shui work?

The credibility of feng shui master is giant, after all this is among the most successful for a long time. It is no wonder that many famous and successful people are adept at technique.

They say that using this age-old technique in their homes and in workplaces , such as in their offices and businesses , can improve energy, bringing more and more success and fattening the bank account .

Famous and Feng Shui

The feng shui master increases the positive energy around each individual and thus causes even have much prosperity, finally getting more money and becoming richer.

This is a beneficial vicious cycle that effectively transforms people’s lives for the better.

Attracting the infinite energy of prosperity acts as a lever in every person’s life in every area. Bringing not only financial benefits, but also harmony in private life.

Everything is organized, everything enters the axis, and everything fits. And then, success is only the consequence of this total balance of life.

Feng Shui for everyone

The Chinese technique is not limited only to the famous and rich, it can adapt to all the environment and budgets.

After all, the idea is that it helps to leverage the lives of everyone who strives to protect and enhance positive energy in their environments.

So it must be applied everywhere where there is a need for abundance and prosperity.

The Feng Shui Corner by Cris Ventura is a blog dedicated entirely to the subject.

Feng Shui Tips

Some tips are more than essential when talking about Feng Shui; they can be applied simply and very practical in your home or where it is necessary to organize these energies, bringing peace and harmony

So prosperity and happiness will identify and settle in your home.

Always have a well-painted house facade

Always keep your house entrance clean

Never leave garbage in front of the house.

Abundance in the Home

In Feng Shui water is one of the main characteristics of abundance, in this way everything reminiscent of a calm river brings abundance and peace.

Everything that causes unnecessary accumulation in our homes!

Objects, papers, clothes, boxes, shoes, books, etc … Everything that causes debris inside the house, causes the energies to become stagnant, hindering the prosperity of the house.

Debris causes energy stagnation.

Tips to remove a little more negative energy from your home:

  •         Do a general cleaning
  •         Make room for new objects
  •         Donate what you do not use any more
  •         Put out the trash every day
  •         Maintain environments without many objects


The colors that attract the best energies for the environments are:

Purple and Red – Energy of Prosperity. (Can be in all kinds of decorative objects, paintings, sculptures, curtains, rugs, cushions, furniture and walls).

Green – also raises the energy of prosperity because it represents the wood element that is the ruler of this energy.

Yellow, Gold and Silver – Attract wealth (by looking at them, we instantly remember gold and jewelry, and energy attracts similar energy).


ByEditorial Staff

Your home can get more harmonious with a fountain of water Feng Shui

One of the elements that bring great positivity and cleanliness to your home is the Feng Shui Singapore water fountain. If you like to have the running water nearby and think that it is able to calm you and take away the bad energies of the environment, know that this is the ideal object for you!

It is important to know that Feng Shui is a term from China whose literal translation is wind and water. It is a science with centuries of existence, whose main object of research are the energies in environments, be they natural or not, about the life of the people. The source of Feng Shui water is one of the elements often used to enhance the energies of the environment. Stay on top of everything on the subject!

What is Feng Shui and its importance

One of the main characteristics of Feng Shui is the belief in the energies emanating from the universe. According to this science, energies from the environment in which we are inserted, such as a bedroom or office, for example, influence our lives. This strength can be seen in relationships, health, work performance, sexual, and more.

The source of Feng Shui water is not a recent object. In fact, this decorative piece had been used by the Chinese since antiquity. One of the elements present in the concept of Feng Shui is precisely water. It flows freely when it is not dammed, symbolizing freedom and openness. The energies generated by the water sources are good for the environment.

This relationship between Feng Shui and the energies generated by the medium represents the search for balance and harmony between man and nature. Through the study of feng shui singapore man is able to shape his reality, looking for the best arrangements to obtain positive energies. The flow of energies generated by the Feng Shui water source is great and should be availed.

Decorative water fountains and their importance

It is not uncommon to find water sources being used in the decoration of homes, offices and other environments. What few people know is that the water source improves fengshui singapore, that is, it makes possible the improvement of the energies generated by the environment. Water is one of the most essential elements of human life and must always be in motion.

More than a decorative object, the water source helps in Feng Shui. This is the science of Chinese origin that lends itself to the study of the relationship between man and the environment. The source of water, in addition to remitting to positive energy, generates a unique sound effect for the environment. The noise of the water creates a positive and relaxing atmosphere.

There are several ways to harness the source of fengshui singapore water. This decorative item fits very well in various environments of the house. It is common, however, that the source be positioned in spaces that allow greater flow of energy, as in the salad or office. The flow of water represents freedom, causing the energies to travel throughout the environment.

Advantages of Feng Shui Water Fountain

One of the main advantages of applying the Feng Shui water source is the possibility of creating an environment rich in positive energies. These energies end up influencing the lives of people who use space, whether fixed or temporary. If you have ever felt uncomfortable in an environment, it may be that Feng Shui is not well worked.

Choosing the best source of water for your environment

When choosing the source of feng shui singapore water, it is important to keep in mind the goals of this age-old technique. This art aims to allow the creation of environments rich in positive energy, so that people who use them can feel deep effects in the body and also in the soul. It is therefore essential that the source is in tune with other elements.

The harmonization of furniture and decorative objects are part of Feng Shui. The source, by itself, is not able to transform the whole environment, however powerful that object is. It should work in conjunction with all other items and furniture. Whether in the living room, bedroom or office, the water fountain enhances fengshui Singapore. Find out now how to choose your source.

The font size is one of the main details you should note. Larger fonts are suitable for large environments, while small fonts are ideas for small spaces such as offices. The source should not be an object of the rest of the decoration, being always in tune with the other items of the environment.

Whenever possible, choose fonts made from good material. There are many details of the source that potentiate its energy content, such as wood, stones and minerals. Sources that add all these elements can generate more energy when inserted in the environment, greatly improving Feng Shui.

The application of the source of Feng shui Singapore water is frequent. This decorative object is able to improve the flow of energy, helping to create more pleasant spaces. It can help unlock the energies of the environment by improving the health, disposition and self-esteem of the people who attend it.

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Tips for a Feng Shui Room

We spend a lot of our time in our bedroom.

But is it properly equipped, conducive to restful sleep and harmony of the couple?


The couple’s room, a place of rest and healing, is Yin par excellence. Here are some of the Feng Shui 2018 tips .


It represents the sweetness, the night, the femininity, the serenity, the dream, the inaction, the reflection, but also the secret. Indeed, it corresponds to our ” hidden face “, our ” inner self “. We carefully avoid visiting guests from passages. Ideally its place is at the back of the house, far from the entrance and looks.


Piece representing the anchoring of the couple, it is used to sleep and …. to lovemaking!


Certainly, we can bask, take a nap, put on makeup, read … but in no case should bring an energy of dynamic actions such as eating, studying, working, playing or watching TV.


My tips and tricks feng shui 2018:

1) Colours:

For walls and woods prefer Yin colours: pink, peach, lavender, plum, light taupe, beige, cream, lilac, soft green, pastels and shades …


Avoid the stripes, contrasts and gaudy colours too because the more intense the colour, the more it influences the quality of sleep. Indeed, the dynamic colours stimulate the brain activity and slow down the falling asleep. Imagine a red or orange room, it’s very stimulating! maybe too much no?


Do not mix too many colours and if you absolutely want bright colours, integrate them in your objects, decoration, curtains or bedspreads.


To know: it is always good to have sheets stimulating passion (red, purple, purple etc …)


2) Shapes and materials:

Opt for rounded furniture, for the touch of femininity (yin).


Angular shapes, aggressive (such as spikes for example, or statues / sharp objects), sawtooth, irregular is to be avoided. Why? because they cause ” sha chi “, that is poisonous energy arrows directed towards you and disturbing your rest.

Use wood, natural fibres, cotton (synthetic creates static electricity), soft and silky materials, velvet, wool, etc. Privilege quality, organic and ecological materials.


3) The objects:

They must be identical and in pairs (2 pillows, 2 bedside tables, 2 lamps etc.).

Some have no place: photos of parents and in-laws, photos of children, religious icons (the room is not an altar), collection of weapons or representations of war, plants, computers … Remove television (or cover it with a tablecloth when it is not used).


4) The mirrors:

Do not have mirrors in the room (or hung on top of the bed), so as not to reflect your image while sleeping. The mirrors send you back your own energy, like a boomerang and bring you restless, restless sleep.


In feng shui 2018 they also say that they reflect the ” third ” person, i.e. the lover or the mistress. You will understand that it is obvious to be able to remove them.


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Interview with Your Future Master Feng Shui

It is essential to meet your future teacher and establish a first contact. Whether by email, phone, skype, the best is the face to face, to gauge your interlocutor and give him your confidence.


  •        Before the interview, prepare all your questions: A Master Feng Shui must be able to answer in all transparency


  •        First contact, do not be fooled by appearances: it is not because a Master wears a Chinese tunic that it is a Feng Shui Master Singapore ; likewise, beware of a Master in a 3-piece costume brandishing a black card to prove to you that Feng Shui makes you rich (it’s real life!)


  •        Often, the Master looks like the student: does he inspire you with confidence? what are your common points? what is his career? what do you feel?


  •        Beyond his “Master Aura” look first at “the Man / Woman”, do not be impressed by his “rank”.


  •        Above all, do not choose your Master for any media coverage, but remember him for his knowledge
  •        A fengshui master singapore will not try to sell you his training at any cost. If you come from another school / training, it must offer you an upgrade, not to resume classes from the beginning with him, unless your level requires it of course!


  •        Ask Teacher if he speaks Chinese! It’s a real asset to tackle Asian culture and Feng Shui.


To know how to listen to your intuition

Today, there are many self-proclaimed Masters or simply people who want to do well but who transmit an erroneous Feng Shui. What is certain and certain is that one must absolutely not go to a teacher or a self-taught teacher. Feng Shui is a serious technique and very complex, it is impossible to self-train.


And then, there are also the Masters who claim loud and clear that their Feng Shui is “the only, the only one”, constantly criticizing the other schools, experts (and even blogs) Feng Shui does not meeting their criteria.


And here, I insist on the humility side: a fengshui master singapore respects other. He does not criticize his accomplices but learns to know them, he does not claim to be better than anyone and is open to exchanges.


This is where you have to listen to your intuition to guide your choices.


My advice: take your time to compare the training and learn a minimum about the “teacher / teacher” and his school. Know that there is as much “Feng Shui” as there are “Masters”: the base is the same, but some have favoured and developed one technique over another.


You will need to make a point on your priorities because investing your time and money in a training must be up to your expectations!


I would advise you to open up to different techniques and not just to follow a single training, especially as your “Feng Shui” will evolve with you and your experiences. For example, you can take Feng Shui classes in one school and Bazi classes in another.

Now is the time to listen to your intuition and trust you to choose your school and teacher. In Feng Shui, it is said that the “Master appears when the student is ready”, so open your eyes and ears!

ByEditorial Staff

Feng Shui in Your Business

The beauty and satisfactory of working with freelancers and small companies is that you can see the results not only in the happiness of the people, the harmony among the workers or the satisfaction of the owner, but that they can be seen in figures. The success is clearly measurable.


You do not need to look for a Feng Shui expert directly.


Change a few things and experience in person how your business improves and how the work climate changes for everyone. Once you’ve experienced this, I’m sure you’ll be interested in what Feng Shui can do for you and your company!


1.Before renting or buying a room, office, office or consultation, keep in mind that the most favorable plane is the square. Avoid shapes like an “L” or a “U”. In these forms an imbalance occurs and there are areas that we call “deficient zones”.


2.The entrance has a very important meaning! It’s your business card.

  •        It has to be an open area that invites to enter.
  •       In case of a store you should invite, but you should not see the whole store with its assortment. The entrance has to arouse curiosity.
  •        The doors have to leave an easy entrance. Nothing that prevents free entry like boxes behind them, broken handles, mats that prevent opening, etc.
  •        In case of an office, consultation or office, try to create a generous, open and bright atmosphere in the reception area.


3.Depending on your business you can use colors to activate or encourage feelings.

  •       Green harmonizes and promotes balance and is also the color of health and growth.
  •      Red is very good to make you see, but it should only be used in small doses. In health issues better not use it.
  •        Yellow or earth tones encourage a sense of security and optimism.
  •       Black, dark blue and also white should be used very little in spaces. The white can be used around the windows to make the area brighter.
  •        Light blue or turquoise create a friendly and complacent atmosphere.


4.The office and especially the desk of the boss, therapist or manager is the most important site in the entire company. The environment has to be ordered and with a clear structure. The most suitable place for your table is the one that is as far as possible from the door. Sitting you have to have the door in sight and you have to have a solid wall (if it can be) in the back. The wall causes security and tranquility within you. Windows or doors behind the desk causes a blockage of thought and distracts you from your work. Having a wall in front of you does not help in having new ideas, perspectives and visions for your company and its future.


  1. If you have waiting areas, use warm colors and create a harmonious environment with plants, light, pictures or nice photos and comfortable seats.


Based on the number of your regular customers, the loyalty of your patients and also the sick leave of your workers, you can get an idea if your changes in your business have paid off.


And as I said before, looking for an individual solution for each of my clients is a great illusion for me. The goal is to find or, rather, create a climate of balance.

ByEditorial Staff

8 Basic Tips Feng Shui

For everyone – easy and fast

The first time I have had a book on feng shui in my hands has been in a school practice that took place in an organic store. I was about 14 or 15 years old.

Then I started to like the subject.


Can you influence your life just by changing your environment? It seemed logical enough to interest me in the subject and to inform me more. A connection between your life and your home. Is not it an incredible idea?


I tried a lot throughout my life of what I read, but not everything worked for me.

Years later I returned to this wonderful science with the intention of understanding it better and I began to study history and the different forms, schools and methods.


I stayed with those who gave me the best results and after several more years I found a teacher to go even further into the knowledge of this Art of Living, which introduced me to the “secrets”.


Feng Shui is applied in a very personalized way. It looks at all the qualities that can influence: The environment, the house and the person / people. There is no general pill for everyone.


That said, yes there are general tips that are valid for all or, rather, that are “basic.”


Here I summarize 8 recommended tips for each of us:

Eliminate the unnecessary.

Start with your wardrobe. Remove all the clothes that you have left small or large. Also, the clothes of an activity that you no longer do. Work clothes, sportswear, etc.


Follow with belts, bags, shoes, …

You have to get rid of things in the next 48 hours.

You’ll feel light and free, you’ll see!


Eliminate clutter

It is better to have things well ordered, because first of all we save time in the search. We make our lives easier, if everything has its place and we know where to look for it.


Repair the broken.

Broken things do not have a place in your house. If there is something broken in your car, you usually repair it right away, but it happens in your house, a door handle, toilet water or a faucet, we let a lot of time go by without us taking care of it.

Throw the broken thing.

Dishes, glasses, clothes, shoes, boxes, games, vases, fountains, …

So many things that we have that are broken, but we keep using them. Why?

Still not broken enough. I can still put it at home. If I drink on this side, nothing happens. You can make up an excuse for everything. But notice something:

You are the mirror of your surroundings!


Watch your entrance.

The entrance and your hall are the most important part of your house. Every day you enter your home through this site. Do you receive a warm, open, clean, bright and orderly? This is how your house should receive you.


The door is easily accessible and you can open it completely. Nothing to store things behind the entrance door.


Neither the hall nor the space in front of the garbage storage door is used.


Plants give life.

Nature gives us a good feeling. In addition, they give life to our spaces and purify our air. Choose plants that you can handle well with your lifestyle.

Until it suits you against the “electrosmog”. They say that the cactus is the best plant to absorb it.


There is only one site that is not very suitable for the plants and it is the bedroom. And it’s only because at night we and the plants would fight for the air in the room because at night, in the dark, their function of purifying the air is in standby mode.


In bed well protected.

There are some key points to improve deep sleep. You have to have a solid wall in the part of your head. No corner of a wall or piece of furniture should point towards you. Better that you see the door, but you should not be with the bed between door and window. And better not to put a mirror pointing to the bed.


Bedside tables for a balance.

Putting two bedside tables on each side of the bed does not only serve to support creating an environment that lets “love” into your life, but serves to create a balance that favors your dream.


No need to match, nor are they traditional tables. Only that each one is on one side.


One widespread belief is that not closing the toilet lid is “negative”. If you feel better like that, do it. Although, it must be said that, in classical Feng Shui there is no indication regarding this. Only if the toilet door is right in front of the entrance door. But this almost speaks for itself. Common sense makes you close the door to not see the toilet every time you enter your house.

ByEditorial Staff

Classical or Traditional Feng Shui and Methods

Los ancient Chinese scholars observed that there are energies that affect human beings, both in their bodies and in their minds. Some of them unfavorably, and then they brought obstacles and turbulence, but when it coincided with “the positive”, they brought “good luck”.


From these observations, a science was born whose inheritance has been transmitted from ancient times by numerous teachers. These are guides, rules, codes and mathematical systems whose operation is proven over thousands of years.


Sometimes ideas are based on common sense but, usually, it is like a skill whose rules have to be put into practice. These rules have nothing to do with religion or Chinese culture or anything that hinders its application.


It can be said that he has lost much of his mysticism in recent years, and the world accepts him more and more as a science of transformation or readjustment of the environment.


Classical Feng Shui methods that I use in my work

San He

This system is the oldest, together with the school of pure forms, and it helps especially well if you have to value and work with the energy flows in the environment of a building or a site.


It works with a combination of three qualities: The orientation of the house or the land, the interaction between your house and the mountains or houses of neighbors etc. and the interaction between your home and the streets, rivers and other types of water.


Ba Zhai

The Ba Zhai is a method based on the personal qualities of the inhabitants, working with their Gua number, in combination with the qualities of their house. The house is distributed in the eight astral directions and the favorable and negative sectors are searched for then to be able to reinforce and encourage the positive and avoid the negative.


San Yuan

It is another classic Feng Shui system and the three cycles or the three harmonies are worked on in which the interaction between Chi, the direction and the aspect of time is studied.


A small part within this system is the method of ” flying stars ” (Xuan Kong Fei Xing). In this system, the date of construction or your move and the orientation of the entrance of the apartment, house or office are especially valued. This detail is assessed energetically next to the astral orientation of the site. It also influences the use of the rooms and the environment of the house.

ByEditorial Staff

Feng Shui Decoration 5 Tips

Decorating our garden following the technique of Feng Shui will bring positive energy to your home. If you want to design Feng Shui gardens, there are specialized professionals who will do it easily in any outdoor space, where you can create your garden. Among other ideas that you can apply through Feng Shui to your garden, are the following elements:

1.- Outdoor fountains. Water is the number one of the elements of Feng Shui. In the design of gardens is often used by sources, which adapt to the size and space of the garden.

2.- Bells. The bells placed in the gardens allow their sound in union with the wind, providing the air element of Feng Shui. It is essential the sound they emit, that their carillon be good and its design harmonious with the rest of the elements.

3.- Garden lighting. The lighting of the garden is solar during the day, but for the night it is advisable to place lights. There are many designs of lights that you can adopt according to your personal tastes (turtles, flowers etc.). We must take care that the chosen symbol is positive and is in harmony with the place where we place it. The garden lights will provide the fire element and add a magical aspect to our garden in the purest Feng Shui style of Murcia. It is very important that no corner of the garden is without light, however tenuous it may be.

4.-Statues. Feng Shui in the garden will bring full harmony between sounds, colors, images and movement. One way to add positive energy to our garden is by placing beautiful sculptures. There are many designs of sculptures such as angels, fairies, children, birds, horses, etc. The choice depends on our personal tastes and the symbol with which we identify ourselves more, which will be the one that gives us the greatest joy.

5.-Bird Feeders. In Feng Shui, birds are considered messengers of heaven, as well as the symbol of inspiration and freedom. A garden without the songs of birds is not a complete garden for Feng Shui. Birds bring great energy – Sheng Chi – Make sure your garden is cozy and provides sustenance for the birds by placing feeders that attract them and add their presence in your garden.