Feng Shui, The Decoration That Your Kitchen Needs

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Feng Shui, The Decoration That Your Kitchen Needs


The ideal, according to feng shui 2018, is that the kitchen is always located towards the north inside the house . The northern location makes the environment cooler, but since heat is generated in the kitchen at all times, it does not need to be placed in a southerly direction where there is more warmth.


Locating the kitchen in the northern part, we balance the energies of the house , heating the coldest parts of it. Although it is not always possible to allocate this space in this particular cardinal point, if you are thinking about changing the layout of your house, or if you are going to build a new home from scratch, consider choosing the northern location for your kitchen.



The feng shui 2018 decoration gives great importance to the use of colors in certain rooms of the home. Colder colors such as white, blue or grayish tones help reduce appetite, while warm colors such as reds, oranges or yellows whet the appetite .

You can play with this combination of colors both in the elements of your kitchen, as in the own crockery. The most advisable thing is always to choose fresh and clear colors that bring purity and cleanliness to the kitchen. Pastel shades, from raw colors to yellow or orange, make the space wider.



Light attracts positive energy, so a kitchen should always be illuminated. The use of light colors that reflect the light , large windows to take advantage of natural light, and also the placement of strategic lights so that no corner is left in the dark, are the best weapons to achieve this effect.

On the contrary, if too much light enters the kitchen, it can also be uncomfortable for the eyes; something that can be easily solved with the use of curtains .



Although it is a very logical advice, feng shui indicates that the kitchen door is not facing the door of any other room , to avoid the passage of smoke and odors from one place to another.

If you do not have the possibility of moving the doors, you can always keep the doors closed to prevent undesirable energies from flowing.



The feng shui also takes into account the location of the stoves, ovens, and any element of the kitchen that produces heat. If they are placed on a wall that leads directly to a room, it is not recommended to place the bed or a resting place just at that point, as it could cause insomnia , or not get to rest properly.

When there is a very powerful source of energy close to a person, this influence could affect your overall health, unbalancing it.


Refrigerator and sink

The location of these two important elements in the kitchen must also be studied. It is advisable not to place the area of ​​fire along with the sink , to achieve more harmony in the kitchen. The water next to an electrical network of a glass-ceramic, or next to the fires, could be dangerous.

Instead, based on the discipline of feng shui, Gilmar’s Reforms and Interiorism team does recommend placing the refrigerator in a more accessible place from the sink , to have a greater comfort when it comes to washing food immediately after removing them.

The refrigerator and other cold appliances should be located away from the oven and the hob or hob, so that the cold and hot energies find a harmony in the kitchen space.

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