Feng Shui in The Office? Can Also!

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Feng Shui in The Office? Can Also!

Balance is the key word for those seeking to furnish their work environment.

Whether it’s a station, a living room or even the home office, the harmony between the furniture is a key part for a good professional income. However, there is another interesting factor, also linked to harmony, that influences this dynamic: office fengshui.

At first glance it may seem unusual, but the millennial technique allows you to leave your office routine much more quiet and efficient, as well as helping to attract new business, increase productivity and bring more harmony among employees.

Office Fengshui helps in cleaning the environment and renewing the energies of the place. This is because, through art and science, it manipulates the forces that are necessary to conserve the positive influences that are present in a space and to redirect the negatives in order to benefit its users.

Simple actions can make a difference and most of them have to do with the type of furniture you choose.

We have separated some very easy and applicable office fengshui tips.

When it comes to a desk, ideally it is either wood or neutral colors. This is because the colored tables and / or glass top quickly tire the eyes and lead to inattention.

When it comes to the arrangement of objects on the table, it is important to understand what should be positioned on the left and right sides.

The left side is responsible for the energy filter. Hence, it is suggested that work-related books and papers should preferably be organized in specific boxes on this side.

On that side you can also put photos of loved ones and hold some crystal object, such as a paper weight, for example.

Already in the right part one must prioritize technological elements, like telephones, cellular. Here you can also place pencil holders, staplers and calendar.

The computer, or the main work object, should always be in the center of the table.

The chair must be proportional to the height and size of the table, to give balance, comfort and ergonomics. A very large chair at a small table or vice versa unbalance the environment.

The feet need to be firm to give stability, ideally they have arms, providing support and comfort.

Lighting must also be taken into account in this composition, light is responsible for attracting achievements at work.

Therefore, it is suggested that it be positioned behind the computer. Be careful not to be too light or too dark, ideally light.

These are just a few references that can start you in office fengshui techniques in the office. However, for the sake of success, we suggest hiring a qualified professional.

This can be a consultant or interior designer who will understand and represent the professional desire, individual or company in the environments to be prepared.

After a more complete analysis of the environment to be adjusted or assembled, a qualified professional can provide you with answers ranging from the correct furniture for each sector of the company and / or employee, the best positioning of each human body and material in the location, the colors of the walls, orientations of doors and windows, besides positioning of elements that to the naked eye do not appear harmful.

So? Ready to bring more harmony to your work?

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