Feng Shui in Decoration and the Secrets to Thrive in Life

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Feng Shui in Decoration and the Secrets to Thrive in Life

Feng Shui in Decoration and the Path to Prosperity in Life. Ever imagined having dream life with the help of your home decor?

What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui Master are started the feng shui and it is a 4,000 year old Chinese art that attracts positive energy to your life.

It clears the ways of positivity, bringing luck , success , joy and all that the good vibrations can make available to you and your family.

This Chinese “science” determines the design that best applies to each space, balancing all energies and increasing the harmony of the energy flow of the environments.

Thus it is possible to have inner peace, greater productivity, great opportunities in life and especially prosperity.

The Objectives of taught by feng shui master

Preserve and save the positive influences that exist in one place, making it stay there and radiate good energies to the rest of the environments.

Reduce or annihilate all kinds of negative energy that may exist in environments.

Make architectural changes to heal the environment and all residents by stimulating the site’s beneficial features through the shapes, colors, and positioning of objects and furniture.

The visible and the invisible

We know there are more things than our eyes can see, and even a skeptical person has knowledge of the energetic waves that surround us.

The visible and the invisible work together in feng shui master.

Visible Aspects

The visible aspects are part of the group of things that we can see, touch, and thus, everything that we can interact in a physical and material way.

Invisible Aspects

Have you ever entered an environment and felt a bad feeling?

Well this “inexplicable” feeling is an invisible aspect. Which is harder to identify in an environment, but has a greater importance than the visible aspects.

Fixing Problems

Feng Shui master shows that correct only the visible errors decor does not bring lasting results.

What is necessary is to make a mutual correction, both of the energies, and of the objects. And there is the great salvation of the environment.

Through this millennial art, we find the invisible errors of the place; the good news is that we have to identify them.

With the help of all that is visible, we make the good energies remain and spread throughout your home!

Does Feng Shui work?

The credibility of feng shui master is giant, after all this is among the most successful for a long time. It is no wonder that many famous and successful people are adept at technique.

They say that using this age-old technique in their homes and in workplaces , such as in their offices and businesses , can improve energy, bringing more and more success and fattening the bank account .

Famous and Feng Shui

The feng shui master increases the positive energy around each individual and thus causes even have much prosperity, finally getting more money and becoming richer.

This is a beneficial vicious cycle that effectively transforms people’s lives for the better.

Attracting the infinite energy of prosperity acts as a lever in every person’s life in every area. Bringing not only financial benefits, but also harmony in private life.

Everything is organized, everything enters the axis, and everything fits. And then, success is only the consequence of this total balance of life.

Feng Shui for everyone

The Chinese technique is not limited only to the famous and rich, it can adapt to all the environment and budgets.

After all, the idea is that it helps to leverage the lives of everyone who strives to protect and enhance positive energy in their environments.

So it must be applied everywhere where there is a need for abundance and prosperity.

The Feng Shui Corner by Cris Ventura is a blog dedicated entirely to the subject.

Feng Shui Tips

Some tips are more than essential when talking about Feng Shui; they can be applied simply and very practical in your home or where it is necessary to organize these energies, bringing peace and harmony

So prosperity and happiness will identify and settle in your home.

Always have a well-painted house facade

Always keep your house entrance clean

Never leave garbage in front of the house.

Abundance in the Home

In Feng Shui water is one of the main characteristics of abundance, in this way everything reminiscent of a calm river brings abundance and peace.

Everything that causes unnecessary accumulation in our homes!

Objects, papers, clothes, boxes, shoes, books, etc … Everything that causes debris inside the house, causes the energies to become stagnant, hindering the prosperity of the house.

Debris causes energy stagnation.

Tips to remove a little more negative energy from your home:

  •         Do a general cleaning
  •         Make room for new objects
  •         Donate what you do not use any more
  •         Put out the trash every day
  •         Maintain environments without many objects


The colors that attract the best energies for the environments are:

Purple and Red – Energy of Prosperity. (Can be in all kinds of decorative objects, paintings, sculptures, curtains, rugs, cushions, furniture and walls).

Green – also raises the energy of prosperity because it represents the wood element that is the ruler of this energy.

Yellow, Gold and Silver – Attract wealth (by looking at them, we instantly remember gold and jewelry, and energy attracts similar energy).


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