Tips for a Feng Shui Room

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Tips for a Feng Shui Room

We spend a lot of our time in our bedroom.

But is it properly equipped, conducive to restful sleep and harmony of the couple?


The couple’s room, a place of rest and healing, is Yin par excellence. Here are some of the Feng Shui 2018 tips .


It represents the sweetness, the night, the femininity, the serenity, the dream, the inaction, the reflection, but also the secret. Indeed, it corresponds to our ” hidden face “, our ” inner self “. We carefully avoid visiting guests from passages. Ideally its place is at the back of the house, far from the entrance and looks.


Piece representing the anchoring of the couple, it is used to sleep and …. to lovemaking!


Certainly, we can bask, take a nap, put on makeup, read … but in no case should bring an energy of dynamic actions such as eating, studying, working, playing or watching TV.


My tips and tricks feng shui 2018:

1) Colours:

For walls and woods prefer Yin colours: pink, peach, lavender, plum, light taupe, beige, cream, lilac, soft green, pastels and shades …


Avoid the stripes, contrasts and gaudy colours too because the more intense the colour, the more it influences the quality of sleep. Indeed, the dynamic colours stimulate the brain activity and slow down the falling asleep. Imagine a red or orange room, it’s very stimulating! maybe too much no?


Do not mix too many colours and if you absolutely want bright colours, integrate them in your objects, decoration, curtains or bedspreads.


To know: it is always good to have sheets stimulating passion (red, purple, purple etc …)


2) Shapes and materials:

Opt for rounded furniture, for the touch of femininity (yin).


Angular shapes, aggressive (such as spikes for example, or statues / sharp objects), sawtooth, irregular is to be avoided. Why? because they cause ” sha chi “, that is poisonous energy arrows directed towards you and disturbing your rest.

Use wood, natural fibres, cotton (synthetic creates static electricity), soft and silky materials, velvet, wool, etc. Privilege quality, organic and ecological materials.


3) The objects:

They must be identical and in pairs (2 pillows, 2 bedside tables, 2 lamps etc.).

Some have no place: photos of parents and in-laws, photos of children, religious icons (the room is not an altar), collection of weapons or representations of war, plants, computers … Remove television (or cover it with a tablecloth when it is not used).


4) The mirrors:

Do not have mirrors in the room (or hung on top of the bed), so as not to reflect your image while sleeping. The mirrors send you back your own energy, like a boomerang and bring you restless, restless sleep.


In feng shui 2018 they also say that they reflect the ” third ” person, i.e. the lover or the mistress. You will understand that it is obvious to be able to remove them.


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