Interview with Your Future Master Feng Shui

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Interview with Your Future Master Feng Shui

It is essential to meet your future teacher and establish a first contact. Whether by email, phone, skype, the best is the face to face, to gauge your interlocutor and give him your confidence.


  •        Before the interview, prepare all your questions: A Master Feng Shui must be able to answer in all transparency


  •        First contact, do not be fooled by appearances: it is not because a Master wears a Chinese tunic that it is a Feng Shui Master Singapore ; likewise, beware of a Master in a 3-piece costume brandishing a black card to prove to you that Feng Shui makes you rich (it’s real life!)


  •        Often, the Master looks like the student: does he inspire you with confidence? what are your common points? what is his career? what do you feel?


  •        Beyond his “Master Aura” look first at “the Man / Woman”, do not be impressed by his “rank”.


  •        Above all, do not choose your Master for any media coverage, but remember him for his knowledge
  •        A fengshui master singapore will not try to sell you his training at any cost. If you come from another school / training, it must offer you an upgrade, not to resume classes from the beginning with him, unless your level requires it of course!


  •        Ask Teacher if he speaks Chinese! It’s a real asset to tackle Asian culture and Feng Shui.


To know how to listen to your intuition

Today, there are many self-proclaimed Masters or simply people who want to do well but who transmit an erroneous Feng Shui. What is certain and certain is that one must absolutely not go to a teacher or a self-taught teacher. Feng Shui is a serious technique and very complex, it is impossible to self-train.


And then, there are also the Masters who claim loud and clear that their Feng Shui is “the only, the only one”, constantly criticizing the other schools, experts (and even blogs) Feng Shui does not meeting their criteria.


And here, I insist on the humility side: a fengshui master singapore respects other. He does not criticize his accomplices but learns to know them, he does not claim to be better than anyone and is open to exchanges.


This is where you have to listen to your intuition to guide your choices.


My advice: take your time to compare the training and learn a minimum about the “teacher / teacher” and his school. Know that there is as much “Feng Shui” as there are “Masters”: the base is the same, but some have favoured and developed one technique over another.


You will need to make a point on your priorities because investing your time and money in a training must be up to your expectations!


I would advise you to open up to different techniques and not just to follow a single training, especially as your “Feng Shui” will evolve with you and your experiences. For example, you can take Feng Shui classes in one school and Bazi classes in another.

Now is the time to listen to your intuition and trust you to choose your school and teacher. In Feng Shui, it is said that the “Master appears when the student is ready”, so open your eyes and ears!

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