Feng Shui in Your Business

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Feng Shui in Your Business

The beauty and satisfactory of working with freelancers and small companies is that you can see the results not only in the happiness of the people, the harmony among the workers or the satisfaction of the owner, but that they can be seen in figures. The success is clearly measurable.


You do not need to look for a Feng Shui expert directly.


Change a few things and experience in person how your business improves and how the work climate changes for everyone. Once you’ve experienced this, I’m sure you’ll be interested in what Feng Shui can do for you and your company!


1.Before renting or buying a room, office, office or consultation, keep in mind that the most favorable plane is the square. Avoid shapes like an “L” or a “U”. In these forms an imbalance occurs and there are areas that we call “deficient zones”.


2.The entrance has a very important meaning! It’s your business card.

  •        It has to be an open area that invites to enter.
  •       In case of a store you should invite, but you should not see the whole store with its assortment. The entrance has to arouse curiosity.
  •        The doors have to leave an easy entrance. Nothing that prevents free entry like boxes behind them, broken handles, mats that prevent opening, etc.
  •        In case of an office, consultation or office, try to create a generous, open and bright atmosphere in the reception area.


3.Depending on your business you can use colors to activate or encourage feelings.

  •       Green harmonizes and promotes balance and is also the color of health and growth.
  •      Red is very good to make you see, but it should only be used in small doses. In health issues better not use it.
  •        Yellow or earth tones encourage a sense of security and optimism.
  •       Black, dark blue and also white should be used very little in spaces. The white can be used around the windows to make the area brighter.
  •        Light blue or turquoise create a friendly and complacent atmosphere.


4.The office and especially the desk of the boss, therapist or manager is the most important site in the entire company. The environment has to be ordered and with a clear structure. The most suitable place for your table is the one that is as far as possible from the door. Sitting you have to have the door in sight and you have to have a solid wall (if it can be) in the back. The wall causes security and tranquility within you. Windows or doors behind the desk causes a blockage of thought and distracts you from your work. Having a wall in front of you does not help in having new ideas, perspectives and visions for your company and its future.


  1. If you have waiting areas, use warm colors and create a harmonious environment with plants, light, pictures or nice photos and comfortable seats.


Based on the number of your regular customers, the loyalty of your patients and also the sick leave of your workers, you can get an idea if your changes in your business have paid off.


And as I said before, looking for an individual solution for each of my clients is a great illusion for me. The goal is to find or, rather, create a climate of balance.

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