Feng Shui Tips For Your Home Or Office


Feng Shui Tips For Your Home Or Office

These two easy Feng Shui tips are special because they have the ability to heighten the positive energy in your living spaces now and into the future for all who enter and spend time there. It’s true, “zesting” isn’t a bonafide word in the English language, but I chose it for this title because of the meaning of the root word “zest” which essentially means having a heightened or spirited enjoyment, or a consuming/wholehearted interest in any given subject.

To be truly engaged in your home or office surroundings…when you experience sizzling positive energy within these spaces that you’re creating with your own personal flair…this is something that most people never get an opportunity to experience! So let’s get to it and identify these two Feng Shui tips you can take and implement right away that will help raise the positive energy quotient of your surroundings:

1. Walk through the space and perform a “Chi” check. This is one of the first things you can do for a single room, your entire home or office space. If you’re familiar withy Chi, or qi as it is sometimes spelled, you know that this is the energy that flows in and through all spaces. According to Feng Shui teachings, Chi wants to flow gently around objects and through spaces. Think of a meandering path where the Chi flows calmly around furniture and other objects.

For example, if you enter your home through the front door and a large couch is too close or positioned incorrectly and blocking the entrance, this blockage is going to inhibit the flow of energy into the home. A wall that is in too close proximity to the entrance can also create a block which could result in problems such as slow career growth or an inability to flow money into the space.

Picture the Chi as a relaxed meandering stream through the space you are assessing. is there a straight path from the front door into the room that goes directly toward another door that is serving as an exit? If so, the Chi is “rushing” out the second door, and never finds its way into the space, resulting in a lack of nourishment for the space. In this case, you’ll want to place objects that help direct the flow of Chi in and around the rest of the room (without blocking it altogether).

Decorating our home2. Remove or cover sharp corners or objects and replace as required. This goes along with Chi enhancement for your spaces. Sharp corners on furniture, sharp angles jutting into the room or even a plant such as a cactus (sharp needles) need to be addressed with a Feng Shui solution or replaced. If it is not practical to replace a coffee table or desk with sharp corners, you will want to “soften” these corners in some way.

There are a number of Feng Shui cures that provide solid answers to these energetic problems.

For example, you could drape an attractive fabric or throw over sharp table corners, or position a health living plant, statue or other artwork in front of sharp wall corners that will lessen the negative energy caused by the sharp angles or “poison arrows” as they are often called.

Poison arrows are something you’ll want to become more conscious of and take action on, as they can negatively impact your space in ways that you may never completely understand. In other words, you could be experiencing undesirable results in your life which could be originating from the negative energy poison arrows are inflicting on your space!

For a cactus or a plant that has sharp looking leaves, Feng Shui suggests replacing these with plants such as a jade (which also attracts money). Any plant that appeals to you that also has innocuous rounded leaves would work well. A cactus is best kept outdoors, where it can serve the property in more of a sentinel or guard capacity, warding off unwelcome elements and influences.

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