Feng Shui Home Improvements & Renovations


Feng Shui Home Improvements & Renovations

When you plan to renovate or are planning to renovate your home or office areas it is most important to consider that the extensions that you make or are planning to make are in character with your current existing setup. Why change a good thing – why change a horse in the middle of the race. Consistency is everything so to speak. Not only will your home or abode maintain its attractive appearance – it also ensures good Feng Shui.

However, your extensions do not have to have the very same shape and shapes as the existing building to ensure continued good Feng Shui. If it’s up to your fancy to do something quite different make sure that the design is compatible with your existing home, yet with a distinct separation in character. For instance or example, a pointed roof shape (fire) will go quite handily with a flat roof (earth) because fire burns to ash or earth: a flat roof (earth) will go with a curved roof (metal) because earth gives minerals or metal, and so on.

On the other hand, if you were to put a nicely and finely polished roof shape ( fire) against a curved roof shape (metal), then a most destructive order might well be created since fire melts metal and a curved roof ( metal) against a tall rectangular roof (wood) would be most bad Feng Shui practice because metal can chop wood/

As a general guide you can use the “Five Elements” diagram that is a basis of good Feng Shui practice – both as a basis and manual for planning and following through with Feng Shui planning practices as well as the follow through process. This way you can more than ensure that changes in your home follow a most productive as well as enhanced planned sequence. As well consider that when you involve extensions that you may add to your property, to take into account the shape of your site and its surroundings.

One other very valuable current practice, that is most trendy and important at this time, is to be “green”. Use as many recycled materials as possible. It’s not only a case of “waste not, want not”, but good solid environmental and Feng Shui practice as well. Without the care of “mother earth” we are all left alone in this world and in this universe.

home-renovationsMany people these days use recycled materials – whether for reasons of fashion, to help save to environment and if nothing else because it’s economical – a good way to be thrifty and save money on our household improvement and construction renovation projects. Renovations, as we all know, bring about an enhancement to our lives and our abodes – almost a rebirth.

Take care to be aware of the types of recycled materials that you purchase, trade or retrieve as they will end up becoming an integral part and component of your home or office buildings. Old materials may have “left over” qi. Left over qi can carry over and affect the most vital Feng Shui of your home.

If there is one general rule when it comes to using recycled material in your home renovations and construction upgrades it is not to use more than one third secondhand materials when you are building or are involved in renovations.

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